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RuPaul Papercut

RuPaul Papercut

These paper portraits are created by bonding a top layer of carefully hand-cut paper to a second layer of a contrasting colour beneath. The dark top layer is hand-cut with a scalpel and glued to the coloured layer beneath.


Up close, the image appears to be a series of abstract lines and shapes; viewed from a distance, the image becomes clear.


This portrait of flambouyant entertainer RuPaul is available at this set size of 30 x 30 cm (unframed) and in the colours shown*.


Alternatively, colours can be chosen to suit your decor and amazing effects can be created using special finishes like iridescent, fluorescent, reflective and metallic papers. These portraits work especially well at larger sizes, but can be done in any size up to a massive 60x90cm.


Get in touch for enquiries about specific commissions. Pick the icon/hero of your choice (it can be anyone – rock star, film star, sports star, family member... whoever!) and turn them into a unique, one-off op-art/pop-art portrait in a size and colour combination of your choice. Visit the main Papercuts page and get in touch using the form there.


* Colours illustrated are approximate.
Frames and mounts are shown for illustrative purposes only.

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