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paper cuts

Portraits uniquely rendered in paper. Any subject; many colours.

Pick the icon/hero of your choice (it can be anyone – rock star, film star, sports star, family member... whoever!) and turn them into a unique, one-off op-art/pop-art portrait.

This is done by bonding a top layer of carefully hand-cut paper to a second layer of a contrasting colour.


Colours can be chosen to suit your decor and amazing effects can be created using special finishes like iridescent, fluorescent, reflective and metallic papers.

These work especially well at larger sizes, but can be done in any size between a compact A4 and a massive 60x90cm.

Because each is a one-off piece, they are priced individually. If you are interested in finding out more, or have a subject image in mind, please get in touch using the form below or emailing

A range of 'standard' Papercut items is available here

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